B2B E-billing will become mandatory on 1 Jan. 2019. For fuel sales, this requirement takes effect as early 1 Jul. 2018. 

The new legal reform is summed up below:

  • A bill can be issued or received via the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System
  • A differently produced bill (paper or other file formats) not routed through the EDI will be considered as "not issued"
  • The only accepted format for bill issuance and reception is XML

Most common concerns or fears:


  • difficult management and interpretation of the new XML format
  • loss of billing data and difficult document management due to difficulties in reading the new format
  • difficulty in controlling the billing status and outcomes after sending a bill to the EDI, which makes it difficult to manage rejections within the scheduled time
  • fear not to be able to control the approved procedures for internal billing


X Fatt offers a self-contained application to simply digitalise the full process for your business to go digital without any effort:

  • Bills receivable management: bill sending, tracked EDI outcomes management and display via a clear and user-friendly platform

  • Bills payable management: organised search for bills sent from suppliers through the EDI, document display in operator-readable format

  • Workflow for the management of internal authorisation procedures

  • Display of documents in the archiving and data indexation system

  • Creation of paperless archives organised around a bill

  • Legal electronic storage with AgID (Agency for Digital Italy) accreditation

Advantages of X Fatt:

  • No impact on your management system - Usually developing a management system is very expensive. Our application, instead, is of Plug & Play type and easily communicates with any management software.
  • Total control of delivery status – This is very important for the management of large billing volumes 
  • Better organisation of inbound bills – Full control of the EDI reception channel and of the billing data acquisition process
  • Better efficiency of accounting work – Internal authorisation workflow based on responsibility levels
  • True digital transformation – The proposed native document system offers the opportunity to create organised archives around a bill (transport documents, payment reminders or return receipt reports) and extend dematerialisation to other document types
  • Legal electronic storage can be easily extended to other document types

The platform can be combined with other corporate management systems for accounts “receivable” and “payable” - differently from ordinary accounting software, corporate accounting processes and other processes can be fully digitised.. 

In addition, the e-billing system provides businesses with the opportunity to improve their relations with customers. An E-BILL is virtually a living document and a sales instrument to improve loyalty from customers, the sales network and all other communication partners involved with various opportunities offered, in terms of adding marketing communications to and customising CRM around an administrative document. This is only possible if the XML format is enriched with user-friendly layouts and other company-specific information.



To learn more on how to manage B2B e-billing with us, call us for free advice on +39-06.8125553 – 317 or fill in the online enquiry form..

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