Innovative DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT solutions for structured communications based on the integration between conventional communication media and digital documents.
Our solutions are suited to design, process, archive and distribute communications, campaigns and documents to Customers, salespeople, partners, employees and suppliers smartly and on multiple channels, with secure tracking and feedback measurement..

The advantages of our Digital Communication Management solutions include:

  • a single view of all communications, a comprehensive dashboard whereby a company can follow up the full lifecycle of documents and communications;
  • a better involvement of recipients, communications are customised and analysed by segment and value;
  • new contact points with counterparties;
  • increased loyalty from customers, suppliers, sales networks and partners;
  • savings and better efficiency in document management.
Corporate Communication Management System
Gestione Documentale


A full process by which undertakings can aggregate information, feed information to management systems, analyse customer data by segment, create high volumes of powerful personalised communications and meet any digital archiving requirements including legal electronic storage..



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