CMT Group

We are an information communication technology company helping businesses communicate with their customers, partners, suppliers and sales networks more efficiently.

About Us


CMT Group is an IT company that, for thirty years, has been supporting companies in the challenges of Digital Transformation and helping them to seize the opportunities of Industry 4.0.

CM Trading wanted to set a specific goal: to provide a platform of services that, properly configured, can support users of the various company departments to digitize their ideas quickly. Thanks to our applications and the experience gained in hundreds of projects, Gruppo CMT is able to offer innovative solutions that allow you to improve your business through the optimization and centralization of data that lead to an increase in turnover and a reduction in costs, making processes that were previously complex and not interconnected more “digital” and lean.

An "As a Service" approach, functional to guarantee flexibility and scalability in systems. We try to understand what the specific needs of each reality are in order to relate our IT skills with the practical needs of our customers, relating to both the communication area and the areas complementary and connected to it.

This approach allows us to provide complete support to customers in the difficult digitization process, facilitating a rapid implementation of innovative systems and tools and at the same time updating the customer on market news, thus offering 360 ° advice.


Ensure efficiency and effectiveness in communications by allowing companies to build personalized relationships with their customers that can create trust, generate value and last over time.

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