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We are an information communication technology company helping businesses communicate with their customers, partners, suppliers and sales networks more efficiently.

About Us

We support companies in the transition to the digital document by offering Digital Communication Management services so that companies can embark on a structured path of dematerialisation of communication processes by strategically integrating traditional documents with digitized documents.

With Digital Communications Management we mean innovative solutions aimed at dematerialisation to organize communications with customers and other interlocutors (suppliers, employees, sales force, partners) in a structured and effective way with respect to the new economic, regulatory, business or efficiency objectives.

Integrated solutions to design new ways of communicating, composing documents, archiving invoices and digital documents as well as distributing communications, campaigns and documentation in an intelligent way on multiple channels with a tracking of the path of each digital document that guarantees security and measures the return.

Companies are thus able to aggregate information, feed the company's management systems (ERP, CRM, ..), analyze customer data by segment, create high volumes of "personalized" communications and meet the needs of digital archiving including substitute retention in accordance with the law.


Ensure efficiency and effectiveness in communications by allowing companies to build personalized relationships with their customers that can create trust, generate value and last over time.

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