We lead companies towards digital transformation by supporting them in creating effective communications and making business processes more efficient through the dematerialisation and digital storage of documents while ensuring their integrity and evidentiary value.

Digital Archiving

The digital transformation of documents has introduced document systems for managing, indexing and sorting digital documents in a secure and efficient manner to ensure their integrity over time. Check all the advantages of our Digital Archiving solution.

Digital Storage

The CMT storage service (accredited with the Agency for Digital Italy - AgID) allows you to comply with legal requirements and achieve the digital transformation of your business. Legal electronic storage is a process that ensures the authenticity, integrity, reliability, legibility and availability of IT documents as required by the Digital Administration Code. Discover the benefits of legal electronic storage.

Digital Communication Management

Find out how to improve your customer and stakeholder relationships through a platform enabling traceable multichannel communications and measuring feedback. Dematerialise your business processes by making them more effective and secure.