Multi-utility Companies



The Utility Bill 2.0 tool is a useful resource for multi-utility companies to communicate with their customers with improved information transparency and clarity.
However, when it comes to payment reminders, debt recoveries or multi-recipient communications not all companies are in a position to control the whole process and are fully aware of its advancement.

Compared to a conventional accounts payable management system, a structured platform-based approach offers real-time access to the current status of delivered communications in order to plan targeted follow-up actions based on up-to-date information available on the platform. Tracking and analytics tools are therefore crucial for a swift and secure management of all communications and documents.

Digital management is a powerful debt-recovery resource driving up service levels and, consequently, collections.

UTILITY BILL MANAGEMENT: clarity and transparency for customers

  • Document layout development
  • Data analysis, organisation and standardisation
  • Secure data exchange procedures (https, VPN) for data processing and dynamic-field management
  • Integration with web-based management systems

REMINDER MANAGEMENT: to improve collection time

  • Tracking of postal shipments
  • Web portal with the tracking of stocks to reduce follow-up action time
  • Improved one-to-one relationships with customers (payment extensions)

DEBT RECOVERY: effective archive management

  • Online document management and information archive
  • Digital archiving of utility bills and documents for an effective management of debt recovery actions by third-party companies
  • Web-based management of feedback information in corporate systems
  • Control of the efficiency level of case-file management by service companies

MULTI-RECIPIENT DELIVERIES: targeted deliveries and segmentation of needs

  • Printing, Web-based and Mobile Services
  • Certified Emails, Emails
  • E-billing
  • CBI
  • Host-to-Host

MARKETING ANALYTICS tools: control and monitoring of deliveries and responses

  • Monitoring of deliveries
  • Customised statistics

MARKETING DATA processing: to increase contacts with customers and favour customer loyalty

  • Changing an administrative document into a marketing tool
  • Integration of “Interactive” solutions to increase contacts with end customers
  • User experience improvement with profiled contents that are of real interest to customers
  • Loyalty processes automation
  • Integration of marketing KPIs in the corporate software


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