Multichannel Submission

Our multichannel module controls the submission of your communications and documents on all channels – duly scheduled by priority and effectiveness. Increase the involvement of your recipients, securely keep track of all delivery channels and measure the feedback of your actions!


This function controls massive communication delivery, with the opportunity to personalise the subject and body of a message and select attachments. A Tracking and Analytics system ensures a comprehensive control of deliveries, while a Response system measures responses from recipients to specific actions and displays advanced statistics.


Users can view the exact time and date of a message delivered to a recipient, all messages sent or received, and all failed deliveries. The solution also supports the digital storage of messages and related notifications in PDF format.


This function controls massive deliveries of communications though the major mail and messenger services on the market, reduces postage costs and uses specialised low-cost printing centres located nationwide.


Our online solution makes corporate communication management effective, with the opportunity to view and manage communications directly and securely via the web. This solution is particularly suited to companies with a large customer base for the provision of added-value services.


Similarly to our email service, our fax service offers the opportunity to personalise the subject and body of a message. In this case too, all faxes sent can be tracked.


Our SMS service manages notifications of various types and can be used to activate alert systems for communications sent and organise particularly effective marketing campaigns. The system can also be used in Interactive mode to track text messages sent, perform campaign statistics and manage feedback messages from recipients.


This is an E-billing resource for Public Administration that relies on an electronic data interchange (EDI) system and supports the issuance, transmission, monitoring and legal electronic storage of PA bills in accordance with legal requirements.

The advantages of our multichannel submission include:

  • a single dashboard to manage the full communication cycle from tracked deliveries, through response feedback, to statistics;
  • a customised choice of document distribution rules;
  • guaranteed Service Levels;
  • integration with the document archiving/electronic storage system;
  • any type of file input is supported.
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