CMT Group

We are an information communication technology company helping businesses communicate with their customers, partners, suppliers and sales networks more efficiently 

About Us

We support businesses in their shift towards digital documents by offering Digital Communication Management (DCM) services for them to follow a structured course of action towards the dematerialisation of communication processes and the strategic integration of digital and conventional types of documents.

The DCM offer consists of a suite of innovative dematerialisation solutions to organise communications with customers and other stakeholders (suppliers, employees, salespersons or partners) in a structured and effective manner to achieve new economic, regulatory, business or efficiency targets.

Our integrated solutions are ideally suited to design new communication modes, edit documents, store invoices and digital documents, and circulate documents, communications and campaigns smartly, on multiple channels and with full digital document tracking so as to improve security and measure feedback. 

In particular, businesses will be able to aggregate information, feed data to corporate management systems (ERP, CRM, etc.), analyse customer data by segment, create high volumes of personalised communications and meet any digital archiving requirements, including legal electronic storage.

Our Vision

To ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of communications and enable businesses to build long-term, customised relationships with their customers generating mutual confidence and value.