Smart Solutions

Dematerializzazione Documentale
Archive: an archiving and document-management solution for dematerialising a company’s archives. It can be fully customised to each document type and access level for electronic document storage to be legally compliant.
Gestione Pec
Certified Email Manager:: a solution for an orderly, systematic management of certified emails in a multi-user environment.
Gestione Nota Spese
PA E-billing: an end-to-end solution to send, check and legally store bills issued to the Public Administration, to be used in online mode or easily integrated in structured non-PA billing cycles.
Hr Organizer
HR Organizer: a module designed and developed for dematerialised management of all HR aspects including payslips, insurance contribution payment certificates, staff letters, medical certificates and others, to optimise the management of HR records and reduce the management costs and times of the HR department. This feature can be integrated with our legal electronic storage software.
Pec Manager
Mobile Expense Report Manager: a module for the web-based management of corporate expense reports via a mobile APP to be used as a useful paper and time saving resource by your HR department or administrative secretariat. This feature can be integrated with our expense-report or HR software.
Interactive: marketing campaigns can be managed via SMS messages and EMAILS. This module sends massive communications and manages messages with the personalisation of message fields and the accurate analysis of feedback for targeted follow-up actions.
Soluzioni Smart
Prize contests: a document archiving system managing prize-contest documents in order to fully dematerialise your document cycle through digital storage.
Trade organizer: soluzione utile per permettere l’organizzazione dei documenti marketing e commerciali come presentazioni, brochure, listini prezzi e video. Lo strumento è adatto a tutte quelle aziende che vogliono dotare la propria rete commerciale di uno strumento flessibile e semplice per gestire i documenti commerciali
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