Tracking and Analytics


Communications are tracked along their full route in order to improve their overall effectiveness and business results. Our tracking service will monitor all outbound communications at every stage of delivery to a recipient. Our advanced system also monitors responses and manages dedicated reports. It can be perfectly integrated with data related to communication response management including delivery notifications and return receipts in case of paper letters, thus offering a comprehensive view of the full communication lifecycle.

For administrative communications such as invoices, credit notes, reports, communications to the sales network or marketing campaigns, the module enables a company to use a single dashboard to control all documents sent to customers and therefore maximise the overall efficiency of its relationships.  


Gestione Comunicazione



The Analytics functions supported on the dashboard is a real resource to increase your knowledge of your customer base. A marketing campaign conducted via emails, SMS messages or interactive e-bills and integrated with a CRM campaign will allow you to aggregate data and view how customers respond to your communications. It will also provide you with key information to increase the value of your business. Actions recorded through the analytics system can in turn generate automatic communication submissions or calls to action to the corporate departments concerned.


Gestione Comunicazione Aziendale

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